The 45th Administration recently made a decision on the long-awaited solar trade tariff plan. The result is a blanket tariff on imported solar modules of 30 percent for 2018.

So what does this mean for homeowners considering solar? The sooner the better.

At Technicians For Sustainability, we anticipated this possibility and have spent all our available resources stocking up on solar panels, to allow customers to purchase them at pre-tariff rates. According to our CEO, Kevin Koch, “We anticipate being able to help many dozens of Tucson homeowners go solar at lower rates in the next few months, due to our ability to stock up on high-quality solar modules, at great prices. This will allow us to hold our prices down, while we finalize new options for solar panels."

Long term, these new options include maximizing the benefit of our group buying power as a part of the AMICUS Solar Cooperative to keep prices as low as possible for customers.

The Opportunity:
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