Rooftop solar has experienced explosive growth throughout the decade so far. 2010-2014 saw the United States' installed solar capacity increase by an incredible 418%. As the costs associated with solar continue to decrease and consumer financing options broaden, solar has become more accessible than ever to homeowners. 

Alongside the rising rates of rooftop installations, community solar projects have been gaining traction throughout the country, aiming to bring the benefits of clean energy to urban livers, or simply anyone without access to a viable rooftop or home ownership. 

In 2015 alone, community solar farm capacity is expected to see growth rates of up to 500%. By the end of 2016, the industry is projected to have expanded seven-fold, and, by 2020, may see an annual expansion of 500 million watts. 

To learn about the numerous forms of community solar, and keep up to date on industry developments, visit the Shared Renewables portal on the SEIA website.