To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Casa Maria Soup Kitchen's solar system, we're hoping to raise awareness and fuel a small food drive for Casa Maria.  Who's with us?

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen's solar systemThe solar soup kitchen helps feed many hungry people each month, and an extra donation always helps!  Please drop off donations at the TFS warehouse, at 612 N 7th Ave (north of downtown), or you can drop if off directly to Casa Maria at 401 E 26th St (south of downtown).

Suggested food donations include:  Pinto beans, mayo, mustard, coffee, sugar, canned goods, fresh fruit, tomato sauce (or anything like it), fresh vegetables, any kind of meat, anything that would go in a bag lunch.  They can use almost anything.

They are also in need of some volunteers so if you have a couple hours to spare, sign up to volunteer at their website.  The kitchen is open every morning from 8:30am - 11:30am, but if you cannot be there the entire time, please stop by for an hour or two.

There are many different donation options.  To find something that works for you, please check out the Casa Maria website.

Casa Maria received a matching solar grant from TFS in 2011.  To learn more about their donated solar system you can check out the Casa Maria case study on the TFS website, go directly to the Casa Maria website, or check out this news article from KVOA.