Walking our Talk

In everything we do as a company and as individuals, we at TFS strive to walk our talk. We believe sustainability is…

Community: We believe education is the means to a sustainable future. We have created and implemented education programs in Tucson schools in conjunction with Tucson Unified School District, the Environmental Education Exchange, and Tucson Electric Power. We have also offered and assisted with community workshops in cistern installation and regularly attend and participate in community exhibits and demonstrations.

Employees: Our team is inspired by their work, their co-workers, and their own personal development. This dedication and inspiration is exemplified in their work. As a company, we value and respect the views of each of our employees and encourage everyone to express themselves so that we can draw on the perspectives and talents of each member of our team. We see our employees also as members of families and of the greater community, and therefore offer flexibility with time-off and scheduling.

Energy: Our downtown Tucson office is heated by a solar assisted hydronic heating system and we generate electricity from our 5.28 kW photovoltaic array. We use energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances.

Giving Back: TFS is fortunate to be able to support our community in a variety of ways, including through our Solar Grant, which we have offered in years past, and also through our Pass the Sunshine customer referral program.  Through our grant program, we have awarded seven systems to date, and with the Pass the Sunshine program we have supported hundreds of local nonprofits.

Purchasing:  Where we put our dollars matters to us. We prioritize both local and socially and environmentally responsible products and vendors, from our paper products to our work uniforms to our web designers.

Recycling:  We work to recycle all of our job materials, packaging, and office waste.

Transportation:  We are a dedicated crew of cyclists and we encourage bicycling to work. When getting to some job sites, we utilize bicycles with trailers. When we have to drive, we schedule multiple errands at a time, carpool, and drive vehicles powered by biodiesel, hybrids, an all electric Nissan Leaf, and the most fuel efficient trucks we can find for the job.

Water:  We have a greywater system that irrigates the native plants in our yard. We use e-mail whenever possible, but when we have to print materials we do so using recycled paper.

Pass the Sunshine!

We believe in what we do, and we know you do, too! Solar provides enormous benefits for the environment and your wallet, but it’s also great for our community. Do you know someone who is interested in going solar? Each time you send us a referral that results in a new TFS customer, we’ll make a $100 donation, in your name, to your favorite local non-profit (must be registered as a 501c3).

Do you have a referral? Pass the Sunshine by filling out our customer referral form.

Community Involvement

Technicians For Sustainability believes that living our mission involves being active in our local Tucson and southern Arizona community.  Please see our upcoming events list for where you can find us.

Community Education

We believe that education is a means to a sustainable future and we are always willing to speak with local groups about sustainability, and solar power.  If you have a group who would be interested in a presentation, please contact us and we will see how we can help.  Also, check out our Solar Education Program to see what different talks we offer.

Community Sponsorships

We support a variety of nonprofits that work toward making our community a better and more sustainable place.

Living Streets Alliance

A Tucson-based nonprofit, LSA works with our public officials and with our community to make streets, the most abundant form of public space, vibrant, safe and full of people.  LSA creates fun events that get people out, enjoying and taking ownership of their roads, and gathers information about the government decisions that affect our streets, making it available to the public in one space.

Catalina Foothills School District Foundation

Catalina Foothills School District Foundation raises funds to support teaching positions and district-wide academic programs, providing students with the best possible educational opportunities.  Their vision is that CFSD schools will have the resources they need through both public and private funding to provide world-class educational opportunities to our students.

Community Water Coalition

Community Water Coalition provides leadership and guidance toward water policy that sustains healthy ecosystems and quality of life in the Tucson area and lower Santa Cruz River watershed

Technicians for Sustainability is now a Certified B Corp!

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are a new kind of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. It’s like Fair Trade or LEED certification, but for the whole business, not just a bag of coffee or a building. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decision not only on their customers, but also on their workers, community and environment.

Why become a B Corp?

By joining the B Corp community and going through the certification process, TFS is able to support and help grow a movement we believe in. A movement that believes corporations and businesses are not only instruments of social change but have a responsibility to support our communities. We are proud to be part of the B Corp movement and support the belief that corporations exist to sustain thriving communities.

Learn more about B Corporations and view TFS’s Impact Assessment.